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Villa Borgo Duino's restaurant offers a typically Italian menu designed to meet the needs of its guests. The raw materials are selected with great attention trying to prefer products from organic farming and supporting small local productions, based on the principle of wanting to offer healthy and typical dishes that are always respectful of our world.
The elements that make up a dish are associated with harmony and simplicity to ensure a conscious choice in respect of intolerances and personal preferences.



Salads and vegetable dishes are created with organic products supplied by the coop Agricultural el Tamiso of Padua. Each product is seasonal and is used trying to enhance the taste in respect of the nutritive principles that distinguish it.


I primi piatti
The first courses are diversified and offer a wide choice of vegetarian, fish or meat sauces. The pastas used are mainly organic, wholemeal and in any case from exclusively Italian wheat. The menu also features homemade dishes such as gnocchi, parmigiana or lasagne with seasonal vegetables.

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The meats
The second courses are designed to guarantee a tasty experience paying attention to the origin and health of the meat. Salami and pork come from the Bajta farm: a small company in the area that raises wild animals in the forest without the aid of medical treatment and antibiotic therapies. Beef and chicken are selected by producers in the area with great attention to feeding and living conditions of the animals.



The restaurant of Villa Borgo Duino is open only for its guests from wednesday to saturday from June to September. Kitchen time: 7 pm - 8 pm, Book your dinner!

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